What is iptv ?
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Developed Improvement Of IPTV With Modernization And With Advanced Technology

IPTV’s official definition IPTV that has been approved by the International Telecommunications Union Focus Group is as follows:
“IPTV is defined as multimedia services such as television/Video /audio/text/graphics/data delivered over IP (Internet Protocol) based networks managed to provide the required level of quality of service and experience, security, interactivity, and reliability”.
IPTV is a method or system by which television broadcasts are delivered using the Internet Protocol Suite, it is delivered via a packet-switching network , such as the internet, in contrast to traditional satellite signal, terrestrial and cable television formats.

Classification Of

Live Streaming:

Live streaming is the process of live broadcasting while it happens.Live broadcasting of media content is like watching live television show on a screen of your computer. When we watch live television, we are unable to pause or skim through the show which doesn’t seem to be engaging.

Video on demand:

Videos on Demand are like the playlist. In the video on demand video episodes and clips are arranged according to names and categories such as sports, news as music videos as well.


IPTV is one of the most trendy and popular in recent days, Popularity rate is increasing drastically and it is overruling traditional mode of television services. Below stated are the major reason why IPTV is being widely adopted by users in modern Era.

  • The widespread usage and flexible adoption of broadband
  • User-Friendly internet accessibility
  • Increased competition between traditional telephone services and cable service providers in offering data, voice, video, and communication

Benefits Of IPTV

The main benefit of IPTV is that it is able to be seamlessly integrated with various devices, including IP devices that are IP-based, such as high-speed internet, VOIP and high-speed VOIP.

  • IPTV utilizes the existing or available computer networks, so we do to connect no cable
  • It provides live and pre-recorded video as well as audio files only with networks that already exist.
  • IPTV aids in delivering high-quality content. The content will be been kept within the network, but only the content that is selected by the viewer will be made available.
  • IPTV is user-friendly , and viewers can pick what they wish to watch due to its the ease of use and its superior functionality. This is because it is different from traditional broadcast services.
  • It’s an ongoing communication between IPTV services. Users is able to request viewing videos according to their preference and preferences.
  • IPTV is unique and fascinating feature. It comes with a user manual that can be electronically set up. EPG (Electronic Program) Guide(EPG) as well as it’s Personal Video Recorder (PVR)it is completely configured to meet consumer requirements.
  • IPTV is among the most reliable and compatible with all devices that have TV and LCD screen, it assists to offer high-quality digital video
  • IPTV is cheaper and durable, in addition to expandable
  • IPTV is not restricted to viewing locations, and it is users-friendly, it allows viewers move further around their display units, if they connect to the nearest IT network points.

IPTV is growing in popularity due to the incredible feature.Above mentioned features are a most important reasons behind the rise of IPTV. IPTV is anticipated to continue to grow in popularity due to its versatile features and user-friendly features. It offers greater benefits to customers as compared to traditional television services.


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